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Importance and feasibility of AIS Simulator for AIS system development
- 2019-03-28-

As a kind of navigation assistance system, AIS plays an increasing role in auxiliary VTS management, reducing the defects of existing ship navigation, avoiding ship collision accidents and improving the speed of search and rescue of ships in distress. However, due to improper operation of the operator, the ship information input is incorrect, the information is tampered with, or when the AIS transceiver spacing is far away or due to external factors such as electromagnetic environment interference to reduce the transmission reliability, resulting in other ships can not properly receive AIS information.AIS SimulatorCan replace the real AIS equipment to achieve teaching practice, in order to reduce a large amount of capital investment at the same time, to avoid the real AIS equipment on the surrounding ship's normal communication business caused interference. In addition, the reliability simulation module can simulate the required AIS data as needed to provide technical data support for the development of AIS application systems. Based on the detailed study of AIS target information, AIS serial Data Interface statement analysis and radio wave propagation theory to support teaching practice and Support R & amp; d for application purposes, the functional analysis of the system and the overall scheme design of the system are carried out, and the detailed scheme description is given. This paper analyzes and determines the design scheme and main technical parameters of the key technologies of each module of the system, and studies and determines the methods of analog generation, output and storage of AIS data, as well as the simulation methods of the influence of propagation distance and electromagnetic environment on the reliability of data transmission. Firstly, three kinds of regular motion models, such as uniform linear motion, uniform acceleration linear motion and uniform maneuvering turn motion, are simulated by MATLAB simulation software, and the feasibility of the simulation method of ship AIS parameters is verified.AIS SimulatorThe reliability of AIS information transmission under the influence of receiving distance and electromagnetic environment is realized, and the simulation results and analysis are given. Finally, in the development environment of VC++6.0, the AIS information simulator is programmed and implemented by using C + + programming language, including the realization of human-computer interaction interface, ship AIS parameter simulation module, database management module, serial data interface module, etc.