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The principle of radar camera linkage control system is
- 2019-03-06-

Radar Camera linkageThe principle of the control system is

1. FirstRadar Camera linkageUsing the open SDK package of radar products, extracting the digitized map data, target information and other key data, and selecting the Terminal control server through the network, the server completes the corresponding calibration of the virtual scene pixel coordinates and the real coordinates of the software map (the scene of the general monitoring point installation is more fixed, Gs maps of the detection area can also be imported directly). Radar searches the sea surface to obtain the surrounding target information, the radar information processing system processes the radar image of the time series, the target echo in the image is automatically identified, tracked and the motion parameters are calculated, by the radar working system and working principle limit, the data update rate) 2.4s, the azimuth data accuracy is lower than the distance data accuracy.

2. The radar information automatic processing system through the integration of high-definition cameras, ultra-long-distance electric zoom fog lens, high-precision heavy-duty wind-resistant photoelectric turntable front-end video detection, acquisition equipment to the target image after the acquisition of coding transmission, through the back-end software platform image analysis algorithm to deal with the new Access detection range of the target to identify Give the type of target: People, cars, ships, so that the virtual icons corresponding to the target type are calibrated on the software map, then the virtual icons displayed in the software map can display the real geographic information location. For targets in the detection area, it can also be labeled on the software map in the form of video analysis, as long as the video surveillance system is covered. Or through the network to receive the target instructions from the command center, the target azimuth, distance and other information in the form of packets sent to the video console through the serial port; Later, resend the packet when the target has new data.

3. After the video console receives the target data, the azimuth data of the target is filtered and predicted, so that the pointing platform can track the target smoothly in the horizontal direction, and the focusing data is calculated according to the distance data and lens focal length parameters of the target, and the focal length adjustment is given to the focal length adjustment part to obtain a clear target image. , The system carries on the pitch angle calculation according to the lens installation height data and the distance data, the result also sends to the omnidirectional platform; According to the above calculation results, the omnidirectional platform can provide accurate pointing guarantee for the video system to obtain the target clear and stable image.

For the tracking target of radar locking, the system automatically enters the position coordinates of the corresponding target into the long-distance photoelectric turntable, which directly corresponds to the preset point of the long distance photoelectric turntable, and the target motion tracking adopts the method of video analysis, which is driven by the platform software to the long-distance photoelectric turntable for continuous tracking and shooting. And display the trajectory of the target on the software map. At the same time, the real-time image of the moving target will be displayed in the software interface accordingly,Radar Camera linkage, Which integrates thermal imaging and auxiliary light sources, so that the corresponding target image machine LR can be obtained even at night.Radar Camera linkageThe key technology of the system water