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Introduction of radar outfield Test service guarantee
- 2019-03-07-

My unit at present with a number of units to establish a cooperative relationship, in Yantai, Qingdao, Zhoushan, Hainan and other places have a number of air, sea equipment test of the excellent place, has now for the AVIC industry, CLP Group and a space to provide equipment test support services. The specific services provided include: providing site rental services, providing vehicle and ship support services, radar outfield test service guarantee, and providing supporting information consulting and technical support services.

Yantai Yangma Island Test outfield location, facing the Kongtong DAO Sea Area, wide field of vision, sea area size targets, suitable for observation.            My unit to provide vehicles, ships, personnel to participate in the test protection, while providing accommodation, security and reception and other logistical support, exempt the test personnel from the worries, so that the test personnel concentrate on things, improve the efficiency of outfield test. Anti-shielding copper mesh to ensure electromagnetic safety of personnel and equipment

Test Outfield environment

Radar, AIS (civil ships), ADS-B (Civil Aviation aircraft), photoelectric video multi-sensor systems are provided for radar detection system calibration and target identification.

With the rapid development of aviation, aerospace and automotive electronics technology, the design and R & amp; d needs of new system radars are becoming more and more urgent in both military and civil fields, especially in the prototype verification phase of radar system design, as well as the integrated testing stage of the whole machine system. The universal radar full system test and verification system can provide perfect test and verification means, ensure the collaborative design between the sub-systems, and reduce the cost and risk of design verification.

Radar Outfield Test Service guaranteeTarget & amp; interference simulator

Target and interference simulator is one of the important sub-systems of the whole platform, the main function is to generate radar target echo signal, clutter signal and all kinds of interference signals. The authenticity of the signal produced by it directly affects the simulation effect and the precision of the test, mainly composed of waveguide transmission, multi-stage lower frequency conversion, power conditioning, multistage upper frequency conversion, power adjustment, baseband echo signal processing and other modules.

Radar Outfield Test Service guaranteeRadar semi-physical simulation system

Used to simulate the entire working process of a radar system in a laboratory environment. The main functions include analog radar to target detection, tracking and other signal processing and data processing process.

Radar Outfield Test Service guaranteeRecord Storage Analytics Devices

In the process of rapid radar verification, the recording and storage analysis equipment can record and analyze the large amount of data of the original sampling signal. By analyzing the data of 0 medium frequency, the post-analysis and evaluation of radar Performance index is realized.

Radar Outfield Test Service guaranteeTest and test system

By combining custom equipment with standard instrumentation, an automated test environment test and monitoring system is built, which can monitor and record the time domain, frequency domain characteristic parameters of critical path signals in the environment in real time, and automatically generate test reports.

Main control and analysis software of radar outfield test Service guarantee system

It is mainly composed of interface control display and model analysis software. The software calculates the corresponding parameters required for each device to work according to the interface setting parameters, and distributes the parameters to each device unit.