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Manufacturing methods for portable ADS-B emission machines
- 2019-03-06-

Manufacturing methods for portable ads-b transmitters

"Technical Fields"

1. The utility model relates to the field of antennas, in particular to a portableADS-B transmitter

"Background Technology"

2. Broadcast automatic correlation monitoring (ADS-B) is an aircraft operation monitoring technology based on GPS global satellite positioning System and air-to-air and ground-to-air data link communication, which is used by the ADS-B transmitter to transmit various information of aircraft to the ground on a regular basis.

3. The existing ADS-B transmitters are all metal housings and basically use wires to connect the mainframe to the battery module, which is very inconvenient.

"Utility model Content"

4. The purpose of the utility model is to provide a portableADS-B transmitterTo improve the separation of the host from the battery module under the working condition of the existing ADS-B transmitter.

5. The utility model discloses a portableADS-B transmitter, Including the host and battery module, the above battery module is provided with a spring thimble and the first cavity for the above host part insertion, the above spring Thimble end is connected with the PCB Board of the above battery module, one end is located in the above first cavity body; the corresponding position of the above host is set with conductive column; After inserting the above first cavity, The spring thimble above is in contact with the conductive column, and the above battery module supplies power to the above mainframe.

6. Preferably, an insulator is arranged around the conductive column.

7. Preferably, the bottom surface of the first cavity is also provided with a positioning column, the shell of the above host is provided with a corresponding positioning groove; The above positioning column is distributed around the spring thimble.

8. Preferably, the height of the above positioning column is greater than the height of the part of the first cavity in which the spring Thimble is located during the Free State.

9. Preferably, the above battery module is also provided with a fixed device consisting of a card hook and a button and a fixed bulge, the above bulge is located on the first cavity wall above; the corresponding position of the housing of the above host is set with a hook groove and groove for use.

10. Preferably, the above card hook is a constant angle hook, including hook head and hook body; the above hook body is provided with a pair of cylindrical epitaxial part, the above epitaxial part is perpendicular to the hook head above, the above battery module is provided with a groove to accommodate the above epitaxial part and a second cavity to accommodate the following part of the right-angled hook extension part ; The above part of the right-angled hook extension is located in the first cavity above; the end of the hook body is fixed to the wall of the second cavity above through a spring, and the spring is parallel to the hook head above; the second cavity is also provided with a through hole on the wall opposite the spring fixing point, which is supplied by the above button;

11. The above button is fixed on the above battery module, the contact end of the above button through the above through hole, and when the button is not pressed, contact with the end of the hook; When the button is pressed state, squeeze the above hook body, so that the hook body with the above epitaxial part as the rotating shaft, squeezing the above spring, So that the compression distance of the spring is greater than the length of the hook head; The above button is protruding at the bottom of the above battery module surface.

12. Preferably, the upper surface of the hook head of the above card hook is inclined.

13. The utility model is arranged by setting the spring thimble on the battery module and setting the conductive column in conjunction with the host, so that the host and the battery module are combined in the process of use, and the host is fixed and connected with the battery module through the hook, which is easy to move, and can also be easily disassembled when the battery module needs to be recharged