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The communication principle and function of ADS-B/AIS Beidou short Message
- 2019-03-07-

ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageIs the characteristic function of Beihang positioning system, which is different from the other major navigation and positioning systems in the world. For Beidou, there may not be much contact in our lives at present, but with the continuous development of Beidou navigation and positioning system, we believe thatADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageWill slowly come into people's lives. Small compiled a number of ADS-B/AIS Beidou short message related information, to share with you.

Simply put, ADS-B/AIS Beidou short message is actually can be regarded as the "short message" that people usually use now, ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short message can release 140 words of information, both can locate, but also can show the location of the publisher. Beidou's two-way communication function two-way communication means that the user and the user, the user and the center control system can realize two-way short digital message communication, 9ps is only one-way so that this is the advantage of Beidou. In addition, in the oceans, deserts and the wild, where there is no communication and network, users who have installed the Beidou system terminal can locate their location and be able to post text messages to the outside world.

1.ADS-B/AIS the production of Beidou short message communication function

ForADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageThe origin of the function is mainly because the two geostationary satellites of the Beidou generation can complete the communication task like the Intelsat, so they can both locate and communicate into characteristics. But the main task of Beidou is to locate navigation communication resources are very few, it can not complete real-time voice communication, can only complete a small amount of data sms function.

The principle of 2.ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short message communication

(1) The short message sender first encrypts the communication request signal containing the receiver 1D and the communication content and forwards the inbound station through the satellite;

(2) After receiving the communication application signal, the ground central station, after being removed and re-encrypted, is broadcast to the user by satellite in an outbound broadcast message that continues to be broadcast;

(3) The receiver user is connected to the outbound signal, unlocks the secret outbound message, and completes a communication. Similar to the positioning function, the transmission of short message communication is about 0.5 seconds, and the maximum frequency of communication is 1 seconds 1 times;

3, the development of ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short Message module

Beidou Knowledge Message Voice Transceiver module can be used in remote voice command and dispatch, sea and air contact, Border Patrol, individual intercom counter-terrorism security, anti-risk disaster relief, confidential communications, field operations, field exploration and so on, can also be applied to wired and wireless confidential calls.ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageModule, is a major technical advantage of Beidou, in many aspects have a significant role, the same also has an important impact on the development of Beidou.

4.ADS-B/AIS what are the characteristics and functions of Beidou short message mobile phone

General Beidou essay equipment in the ordinary life, may not know a lot, but in ADS-B/AIS Beidou short message crossbar and Beidou mobile phone junction, not only can realize the use of Beidou mobile phone positioning, but also can achieve ADS-B/AIS Beidou short message two-way communication.

1), positioning function equipment can provide real-time delivery of its location of longitude, latitude and elevation, positioning accuracy of less than 20 meters, and in a standard form (longitude, degree per second), (Junction, degree of Division/sec), elevation, meters), (time, month and day minutes).

2), communication function

When a handheld terminal sends a short message, the current location information can be sent to the platform or other terminal at the same time, and the platform and terminal can parse or display the transmitter latitude and longitude. When receiving communication information, the communication time, sending address and communication message are displayed in real time according to the set sound, light or symbol prompts.

5. The function and application field of ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short Message

The role of ADS-B/AIS Beidou short message is very significant and important. For example, in the ordinary mobile communication signal can not cover the situation (after the earthquake disaster communication base station was damaged or in the wild no-land, marine and other areas without mobile signal coverage), equipped with ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short message module of the Beidou terminal can be through short messages for emergency communication.

In addition ADS-B/AIS Beidou short message can also be used in geological monitoring, after the layout of each monitoring point through the short message directly to the central system transmission of change data, after calculation to respond to sudden natural disasters in a timely manner.

In addition, with ADS-B/AIS Beidou short message Module terminal equipment, can also be in the remote voice Command and dispatch, sea and air contact, Border Patrol, individual intercom, counter-terrorism security, anti-inspection disaster relief, confidential communications, field operations, field exploration and other use, can also be applied to wired and wireless confidentiality.