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The Spaceborne ADS-B system can avoid aircraft loss.
- 2019-03-06-

School of Aerospace Superstition and engineering, National Defense University of Science and Technology released: The main star "Luliang No." after the launch of the "Tian Tuo third" microsatellite, which was independently designed and developed by the hospitalSpaceborne ADS-B(Automatic identification signal for aviation purposes) admission system, successful completion of the global aviation purposes of quasi-real-time purpose monitoring, air flow measurement, the acceptance of message data for aviation safety, route optimization, aviation control and enhance aviation efficiency to provide information service. This indicates that the international initial cessation of the automatic Identification signal acceptance experiment for the first stop of the aircraft was a complete success.

ADS-B is the monitoring equipment that accepts the automatic advertisement of aircraft, such as its status, course, speed and so on, which can complete the mutual reporting and monitoring between empty and open space, so as to identify each other, adhere to the Safe spacing and Air Command and dispatch. Traditional ADS-B monitoring equipment is commonly used only in aircraft and airport installations, covering up unlimited range, can only obtain aircraft and airports around the airspace of the aviation purpose of identification signals. Although the satellite ADS-B accepts the wide range of signal cover-up, but the influence of remote interval, high static and space special environment, it has high sensitivity and volatility, the technical completion is more difficult, the world as long as Germany, Denmark and other countries have launched the Spaceborne ADS-B system in orbit acceptance experiment.

In the development of the main star and its Spaceborne ads-b system, the university third's micro-NA satellite technology innovation team has broken a series of key technologies, such as the construction of the universal Multilayer plate microsatellite system, the measurement and signal acceptance of global air and sea static purposes, and the acquisition and blending of multidimensional information.Spaceborne ADS-BThe system has the characteristics of high sensitivity, good running fluctuation, large data storage, light weight, low power consumption and primary cost ratio, and its technical function reaches the international preemptive degree, which can not improve the development and use of the applicable micro-NA satellite in China.

According to the introduction, "Tian Tuo third" since September 20 in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center launched, the main star "Luliang one" evenly can accept the global range of 40多万条 ADS-B message data, width Beyond 2000 kilometers, from each message can identify the aviation purpose of the model, code, status, speed, Height and route information, clear data, route and density at your fingertips. At present, "Luliang one" in the track operation form is good, ADS-B message data acceptance fluctuation, the system has completed business operation, is based on the needs of relevant users to launch aviation signal message services. The experts noted that, with theSpaceborne ADS-BSystem can be ineffective to prevent "horse Airways", "AirAsia" and other things, but also from its vast amount of data to analyze and extract information on aviation control, logistics monitoring, economic situation has potential value.

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