Target recognition and tracking boot device

Target recognition and tracking boot device

Product Details

1 Introduction to the system
The target Recognition and tracking guide device is provided to the radar terminal to display the civil aircraft and ship posture within the mine airspace by receiving the ADS-B/AIS signals (such as position, identification code, model (ship type), course, speed and timestamp) of the airspace aircraft around the radar station, and through the data with the radarADS-B/AIS Load near SpaceEffectively correlate, assist radar to build and identify targets, test the accuracy and completeness of the overall situation monitoring of the surrounding airspace, broadband imaging of the target and comprehensive identification capabilities. According to the typical parameters, test data and different environmental information of different types of radar, the detection performance and tracking accuracy of radar under different parameters and environment are analyzed, and the data Simulation analysis report and comprehensive identification result report are formed according to the measured ADS-B/AIS data. The typical target recognition database provides the target static (machine (ship) type, size size) information, combined with the real-time output ground speed attitude and other dynamic feature information, as the reference feature of radar broadband imaging, the target recognition results are tested and evaluated.

2 Application Instructions

临近空间ADS-B/AIS载荷Target tracking boot device work block diagram


Target three-dimensional attitude display and attribute information recognition