Radar test outfield provides and test support services

Radar test outfield provides and test support services

Product Details

My unit at present with a number of units to establish a cooperative relationship, in Yantai, Qingdao, Zhoushan, Hainan and other places have a number of air, sea equipment test of the excellent place, has now for the AVIC industry, CLP Group, a certain and space has providedRadar Outfield Test Service guarantee。 The specific service content provided includes:

Provision of venue rental services;

Provide car and ship support services;

Provide supporting information consulting and technical support services
Yantai Yangma Island Test outfield location, facing the Kongtong DAO Sea Area, wide field of vision, sea size targets numerous, suitable for observation


My unit to provide vehicles, ships, personnel to participate in the test protection, while providing accommodation, security and reception and other logistical support, exempt the test personnel from the worries, so that the test personnel concentrate on things, improve the efficiency of outfield test.

Anti-shielding copper mesh to ensure electromagnetic safety of personnel and equipment

Radar, AIS (civil ships), ADS-B (Civil Aviation aircraft), photoelectric video multi-sensor systems are provided for radar detection system calibration and target identification.