High speed and large capacity data storage devices

High speed and large capacity data storage devices

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1 overview

With the development of high-speed equipment, the storage of data in equipment has more and more high requirements, the original low capacity, narrow bandwidth of the data recording system can not meet the recording requirements of advanced equipment systems, in response to the need for such high-speed records, This system mainly provides high bandwidth data path to complete the high-speed storage processing function of higher bandwidth data, and at the same time provides a standard computer platform to transfer real-time data, while providing convenient data interface to complete data storage, transfer, reading and analysis. Because the chassis has the advantages of light and small, portable, universal and so on, but also on the ground to facilitate the operation of equipment analysis and improvement work, the realization of the system broke the original design price customization, inconvenient to replace the disadvantage of portability,AIS SimulatorThe whole system adopts modular design mode, any parts in the system can be replaced, and the bus control concept is introduced into the system, which makes it easy for the whole machine system to fully control the starting and stopping function of the recorder, and transfer the engineer's attention from the use of the hardware platform to the development of the whole machine system platform software. System data analysis and the promotion of key indicators, at the same time the entire platform using a modular architecture, with versatility, can quickly achieve smooth transition of products, free up productivity, shorten the system's R & amp; d time.

2 Main Technical parameters

1) Storage Capacity: 2TB
2) Recording speed: ≥1000MB/s
3) transfer speed: ≥30MB/s
3) Fiber Optic interface: 1 LC fiber, fiber optic rate 2.5Gb/s, scalable multiplex;
4) Bus protocol: Xinlinx Aurora 8b/10b
5) power supply mode: External power supply, operating voltage/frequency: 220V/50Hz
6) Equipment Size: 428x344x186 (mm)
7) Equipment Weight: 9.5Kg
8) Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃
9) Operating Humidity: 10%~90% (non-condensation)

3 equipment composition, structure characteristics and working principle

The high-capacity storage device uses the FPGA+PC host architecture, based on PCIe and NVMe technology, can realize the fast data recording and playback. Equipment by the Data Acquisition Board, PC host, high-capacity solid-state storage disk composition, the whole machine is equipped with a monitor, keyboard, touch screen, can be independent of other equipment work alone, portable portable chassis, convenient field operations.

AIS模拟器Figure 1 Large capacity storage device composition

High-capacity storage equipment is divided into three parts, namely: Data Acquisition Board, PC Computer, display control, of which PC computer with high-capacity solid-state storage disk for data storage. The Data acquisition board is a data processing, transceiver Board, which enters Aurora 8B/10B after decoding through the SFP light port, enters the data codec logic to parse the data message, and then penetrates the data into the buffer. The buffer is implemented by DDR3 and is used for speed matching of high burst data input and output. Data is packaged through DMA and sent from PCIe to the PC side. The upper computer controls the DMA drive and deposits the data into the NVMe solid-state disk.

AIS模拟器Figure 2 System software data logging monitoring

AIS模拟器Figure 3 System debugging Test Status

4 Fields of Application
Mainly used in the field of electromagnetic spectrum detection and radar monitoring, suitable for high-speed and large-capacity data recording, transfer and data analysis.