Portable Mine Standard School equipment

Portable Mine Standard School equipment

Product Details

  1. Feature Introduction
    PortableLightning Standard School EquipmentIs a radar performance verification system based on ADS-B (broadcast automatic correlation monitoring) and AIS (ship auto-related monitoring) information. It receives static data broadcast by air civil aircraft and vessels at sea in real time (aircraft: Mode-S, flight number, model, airline, country, etc.; ship: MMSI, name, size, load, etc.) and dynamic data (including information such as latitude, speed, height and navigation accuracy of aircraft and ships, Flying (air) line status, etc.), on the one hand, can provide target indication for fire control radar and tracking guide radar, on the other hand, after coordinate transformation can be directly compared with radar detection of the same batch target distance, azimuth and pitch data comparison analysis, give radar measurement error and track tracking performance analysis report, Mainly used for radar field debugging performance calibration, factory () Air, sea detection test, radar repair before and after the tactical Performance Index test, radar training exercise mobility performance calibration and inspection, as well as abnormal air events in the testing of equipment. In addition to the performance evaluation of radar system, the equipment can also be used for intelligence monitoring of radar network system.

  2. Device composition
    Equipment mainly by: equipment host, school calibration software,ADS-B Receiver, GPS Antennas,AIS Receivers, Fiber optic transmission, power supply and three anti-transport box composition.
    The equipment is small in size, light weight, waterproof measures, built-in rechargeable power supply, equipped with high-precision GPS board, can receive real-time data broadcast by civil aviation aircraft and ships, and will receive the data to play high-precision timestamp. The equipment has a dual interface between the mesh port and the fiber, and can communicate over long distances. Suitable for airspace/water target warning, air/water traffic control, airport/water monitoring and radar calibration. The equipment can be easily erected to achieve continuous reception of the information of civil aviation aircraft and the ship in the visual distance around 350km.

  3. Performance metrics
    (1) Operating frequency of the system:
    (2) Detection power range:
    ADS-B Data scope: The view transmission, and the height of the antenna erection and the environment is related, generally 300 kilometers, the actual reception target can reach up to 350 kilometers,
    AIS Maximum action Distance: The view transmission, and the antenna specific installation erection height and environment has a relationship, generally can reach 40km.
    (3) Target data rate:
    The ADS-B target raw data rate is 2Hz, and the data rate can be increased to 50Hz by extrapolation when the device transmits data to the radar;
    (4) message contains information items
    ADS-B message information includes: Time, Mode S, model, course, speed, height, longitude, latitude, distance, and azimuth, elevation angle, target accuracy, etc.
    AIS Simulator message information includes: Time, MMSI number, navigation status, course, steering rate, speed, longitude, latitude, distance, azimuth, call sign, elevation angle, ship number, captain, ship width, etc.
    (5) Data communication interface
    The system host and notebook terminal adopt network and optical fiber communication.
    Radar data Input interface: (1) RS232/422, serial port, (2) network port, data format and protocol can be customized according to user requirements.
    System data output Interface: Network port, the format of the data can be customized according to user requirements.
    (6) System weight: 20Kg
    (7) Power supply
    220V,50HZ AC power supply or power supply from the battery inside the system.
    (8) Environmental adaptability
    Operating temperature-10-55 ℃, storage temperature of 20 ℃ to +85℃, operating humidity of 0至95%, non-condensing. Antenna and system host to meet the waterproof grade of IP65, portable reinforcement notebook use environment to meet the requirements of indoor use environment.