Characteristics and advantages of ADS-B/AIS load vehicle near space
- 2019-03-08-

ADS-B/AIS Load near SpaceFeatures of the aircraft

ADS-B/AIS Load near SpaceThe aircraft can continue to cover the same area continuously and for a long time, and has the advantage of being relatively close to the target distance, so that the adjacent space vehicle system can be widely used in space detection, remote sensing, weapon testing, intelligence reconnaissance, electronic countermeasure, navigation and positioning, war zone communication relay; can be associated with aircraft, spacecraft, The ground system together constitutes a stereoscopic observation information network, which provides comprehensive information combat capability for high-tech weapons, such as attack and defense operations, early warning detection, intelligence reconnaissance, command, control, guidance, communication, combat evaluation, target recognition and so on. In addition, nearby space vehicles can also be used as weapons platforms, in addition to carrying small diameter bombs, small anti-aircraft anti-missile missiles and other weapons, can attack satellite and other space targets, under the attack of medium and low altitude aircraft and ground targets, but also can become a transit platform for access to space, such as space station, spatial transportation system, space vehicle launch platform

Compared with the space vehicle, the adjacent space vehicle has the advantages of high cost ratio, fast deployment speed, strong maneuverability, small difficulty of payload technology, easy to update and maintain, reusable and so on. Near space vehicle distance from the target is generally only low-orbit satellite 1/10~1/20, can receive satellites and other space vehicles can not be heard of low-power transmission signal, easy to achieve high-resolution ground observation, and transmission loss is small, small delay. Compared with traditional aerial vehicles, adjacent space vehicles have the advantages of wide coverage, good stealth performance, low cost, long life, few personnel protection and light logistics burden.

ADS-B/AIS Load near SpaceThe main advantages of aircraft

(1) Early warning service for a long time, can be long time hysteresis work. Most nearby space vehicles can float over the work area for long periods of time, lasting up to dozens of days, months or even more than one year, and can be monitored without interruption in real time, or with focused surveillance in a given area.

(2) wide coverage, strong signal anti-jamming ability. An airship with an air height of 20km can cover an area of up to 735 square kilometers; the ground resolution and imaging sensitivity of the adjacent space platform are dozens of times times higher than that of the satellite.

(3) Strong survivability. Because of the particularity of its materials, the visible and infrared features of radar are not obvious, and the stealth performance is good. In addition, current combat aircraft and ground-to-air missiles cannot pose a threat to nearby space vehicles, and even if attacked by enemy missiles, they will not immediately lose their flight capability and have time to initiate backup airbags to restore lift.

(4) Easy to deploy and short response time. Mobile adjustments can be made according to operational needs for rapid and efficient deployment. (5) Large load capacity, moderate speed. Modern medium-sized proximity space vehicles can easily lift 20t cargo to a height of tens of meters, while the speed can fully meet the maneuvering requirements.

(6) Low cost, high efficiency ratio. The cost of nearby space vehicles is much lower than that of the same level of early warning aircraft, during which solar energy and renewable fuel cells can be used as energy sources, and the cost is much lower than that of early warning airplanes. In addition, battlefield maintenance capacity is strong and maintenance is convenient.