The role of ADS-B/AIS Beidou short Message
- 2019-03-09-

OneADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageWhat is it?

ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageIs the common function of Beidou navigation and positioning system. Beidou generation is different from GPs, is an active positioning, active positioning technology only 2 satellites can be completed positioning, so the function of Beidou short message has occurred. Beidou Short message is actually the equivalent of today's ordinary use of "short message", short message can release 140 words of information, and can be located, can show the status of the publisher. Since Beidou short message is the common function of Beidou navigation and positioning system, what is the role of Beidou short message? In those central Beidou short message will carry forward its role, at the same time will bring what assistance?

Second, the role of ADS-B/AIS Beidou short Message

AboutADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageCommunication function, in the ordinary life can people do not feel its benefits, but in the absence of mobile communication signal in the harsh environment, Beidou short message communication function is particularly important. For example, in the land, desert and wild, these do not have communication and network in the central, perhaps in the areas of national defense, People's livelihood and emergency relief, have a strong use value. In particular, the disaster area to move communications suffix, power suffix or mobile communications can not cover up the Beidou terminal under the condition of the use of short message to stop communication, positioning information and remote sensing information. Beidou Short message will be used for emergency rescue, field operations, offshore operating systems. During the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the rescue forces entering the hard-hit areas broke the blind spot of communication with the use of 120 words of short message function, obtained contact with the outside world, informed the disaster, for the command to make timely decisions. China insists on the development of my Beidou navigation and positioning system, not only in the relief of the application of Beidou short messages, but also through satellite navigation to monitor the attack status of the disaster, timely rescue.