ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short Message terminal device
- 2019-03-09-

ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageTerminal

Since ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short message can be used in a number of special categories, then with Beidou Short message communication function of the terminal equipment will better carry forward the function of Beidou short message. So what are the terminal devices that currently have the function of Beidou short message communication?

1,ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short MessageAll-in-one machine

Beidou Short Message development All-in-one machine is specially developed for data transmission, the use of transceiver antennas, modules, Central motherboard integrated design, integrated RDSS, RNSS antenna, RF transceiver circuit, amplifier circuit, baseband circuit, etc., the product integration is high, low power consumption, equipped with a common fixed bracket, the device is extremely convenient to use. In order to comply with the sea, desert, wild and other harsh environment, the design of all-in-one machine is full of thinking about waterproof, salt-proof fog, anti-corrosion and other requirements. At present, in the climate, water data collection and transmission, fishery position monitoring and rescue system lost widespread use.

In addition, there is Beidou ship all-in-one machine and North trailers All-in-one machine, Beidou ship all-in-one machine secondary is for shipborne communication and navigation use, North Trailers carrier All-in-one machine used in the vehicle all-in-one machine, the two can complete RDSS positioning, short message communication and RNSS navigation positioning function.

2,ADS-B/AIS Beidou Short NewspaperWen Mobile phone

Beidou Short Message mobile phone with Beidou/gps double star positioning function, the use of universal map navigation. The device can provide the longitude, latitude, and elevation of its location in real time, with positioning accuracy of less than 20 meters, and is displayed in a canonical manner. When a handheld terminal sends a short message, the post-status information can be sent to the platform or other terminal at the same time, and the platform and terminal can parse or display the transmitter latitude and longitude. With the Beidou short message mobile phone is in the move communication signal weak situation, can also stop positioning the use of Beidou short message communication, perhaps stop emergency help, to ensure their own peace. Beidou Short Message mobile phone secondary application is the Beidou navigation signal, so as long as the Beidou satellite signal cover up in the center can be used. At present, the signal of the Beidou satellite can be accepted all over the country.

3, Beidou portable moving terminal

Beidou Portable Moving terminal, with Beidou Short message communication function and status notification function, with Bluetooth wireless connection, can be combined with mobile phones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices in the outdoor use. Terminals can be in emergency rescue, rescue and disaster relief, forest inspection, border inspection and many other industries to provide Beidou service.

Beidou short message through the satellite to stop communication, this is one of the important functions of Beidou, Beidou Short message also compensated in the environment to get the communication signal, get the lack of contact. In addition to the areas of national defense, People's livelihood and emergency relief, as well as land, deserts, forests and other areas, Beidou short message about adventurous donkey Friends is also a useful tool to bring peace of life guarantee.