Design of chart Display function in AIS simulator
- 2019-03-08-

As a kind of navigation assistance system, AIS plays an increasing role in auxiliary VTS management, reducing the defects of existing ship navigation, avoiding ship collision accidents and improving the speed of search and rescue of ships in distress. However, due to improper operation of the operator, the ship information input is incorrect, the information is tampered with, or when the AIS transceiver spacing is far away or due to external factors such as electromagnetic environment interference to reduce the transmission reliability, resulting in other ships can not properly receive AIS information. The AIS information Simulator can realize the teaching practice instead of the real AIS equipment, and avoid the interference of the real AIS equipment to the normal communication service of the surrounding ships while reducing the large amount of capital investment. In addition, the reliability simulation module can simulate the required AIS data as needed, Provide technical data support for the development of AIS application system.

Studying the characteristics of Map Objects, the application of MapObjects has realizedAIS SimulatorMedium Electronic Chart Display function. This paper introduces the realization method of the functions of chart information layered display, bow to Shanghai diagram display and A is target position display.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires all ships engaged in maritime navigation to be installedAIS Simulator。 This requires the crew to be proficient in the operation of the A is equipment. At the same time, with the rapid development of electronic computer technology, graphic image processing technology and navigation technology, the electronic chart describing the geographic information and navigation information in the sea area and the application system of electronic chart are produced in digital form. Electronic charts are widely used, and the mainstream A is equipment installed on ships now has A powerful electronic Chart display work. In order to enable the general crew to master the proficiencyAIS SimulatorOperation, the development of A is simulator with Electronic Chart Display function is a course worthy of study, and the subject has attracted great attention of navigation colleges and universities.