On-board AIS load

On-board AIS load

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Recently, my unitOn-board AISReceiver research to achieve a major breakthrough, the key technical indicators to reach the international advanced level. Plan to complete the testing of relevant indicators by the end of the year. Launch of formal products in the first quarter of 2019 that meet the requirements of commercial space applications.

Automatic Identification System (Automatic Identification systems, referred to as AIS) is a new type of navigation assistance system mandatory by the International Maritime Organization, which has been widely used in marine communications and satellite communications and other fields. The ship AIS system has developed into a general ship automatic identification System, but its communication range is relatively limited. On-board AIS system is a new type of system developed on the basis of ship AIS system, which can receive AIS signal on a larger scale.On-board AISThe main function of the system is to analyze and process the intercepted AIS signal, which is of great significance in both military and civil fields.