TCAS Aircraft Collision Prevention System

TCAS Aircraft Collision Prevention System

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Introduction to the TCAS system:

The Aerial Collision Prevention System (TCAS) is a set of computer systems installed in medium and large aircraft to prevent aircraft from colliding with each other in the air. The TCAS determines the course and height of the aircraft by means of an inquiry machine on the aircraft, so that the distance between the aircraft can be displayed between the spacing and the height of each other. Currently widely used is TCAS II, which uses sound and display warning pilots, third-generation aerial collision prevention Systems (TCAS III),Lightning Standard School EquipmentIn addition to the upper and lower collision avoidance measures, but also increase the left and right collision avoidance ability.

My organization provides the following ATCRBS/S of various types of inquiry and response signals decoding algorithm and anti-jamming algorithm:
1.Mode A/C/S all call to inquire signal reception, detection, decoding;

2.Mode S name Inquiry signal reception, detection, decoding;

3.Mode A/C response signal reception, detection, decoding;

4.Mode S response signal receiving, detecting, decoding;

5.Mode A/C/S All-call inquiry interleaving algorithm;

6.Mode A/C response signal de-phantom interference algorithm;

7.Mode A/C answer signal de-asynchronous interference algorithm.



Schematic diagram of working principle of TCAS


Algorithm Simulation verification Platform