ADS-B air traffic Control monitoring system

ADS-B air traffic Control monitoring system

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System Overview
ADS-B air traffic control system by ADS-B ground station,ADS-B Receiver, Car ADS-B transceiver, network equipment and situation display system. The system is suitable for surveillance at civil aviation airports and navigable airports. Usually in the civil aviation airport is generally equipped with air control radar, ADS-B air traffic control system as an auxiliary system, can provide more accurate than two radar, higher data rate and more detailed information functions, on the one hand, the ADS-B data can be used as a seat monitored by the tower, to provide information support for the Tower command and dispatch personnel, On the other hand, the ADS-B data can be fused with the air duct monitoring radar to improve the continuity of target monitoring. At the Miniaturized civil aviation or navigable airports, the ADS-B air traffic control system can replace the airborne surveillance radar as an effective solution for air traffic regulation due to the high cost of adding air duct surveillance radar.

ADS-B发射机ADS-B air traffic control monitoring system operation diagram

Introduction to the 2 series system
ADS-B air traffic control system is suitable for route, terminal proximity and airport scene aircraft and vehicle monitoring. The ADS-B ground receiving station is installed in the tower, and the ADS-B transceiver is suitable for the installation of civil aircraft, navigable aircraft, drones and ground handling vehicles. All aircraft and vehicles equipped with ADS-B transceivers broadcast their own numbering, location, speed and other information, while receiving other configurationsADS-B transmitterDetailed information on aircraft and vehicles. The air and ground situation information received by the ADS-B ground station is transmitted to the tower seat via network equipment to provide information support to the Tower command and control personnel.
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