ADS-B Ground receiving station (dual redundant backup)

ADS-B Ground receiving station (dual redundant backup)

Product Details

1 Product Overview

ADS-B Dual-channel ground station is a new generation of air traffic management equipment suitable for air routes and airport scene surveillance. It consists of a dual-channel multi-channel receiving antenna, a signal processing unit, a data fusion processor, a high-precision timestamp generator, a coding unit, and a data network unit receiving unit, which has the ability to receive ADS-B messages and A/C/S answer messages. PassADS-B ReceiverObtain static information about the target (such as Modes S, flight number, model) and dynamic information (such as position, height, speed, course) to achieve accurate positioning and monitoring of aircraft broadcasting ADS-B messages within a 450-kilometer range. Through the A/C/S message to obtain the target batch number and height information, further through the network of multiple ground stations, using the target to the time difference information of each ground station to achieve the broadcast A/C/S message non-cooperative targets for location identification and tracking monitoring.

2 Performance parameters

Applicable standards RTCA DO-260B
Operating frequency 1090±1MHz
Function distance ≥370km
Monitor the number of targets ≥1000
Receive sensitivity ≤-87dBm
Dynamic Range ≥60dB
Anti-jamming capability Ability to resist A/C interference
Decoding formats DF17/DF18/DF19, other S modes can be extended as needed
Data formats The "Three Airways" data format is available by default and is available in Asterix cat 021 format
Or user-defined formatting
Data interface RJ45 (air plug)
Power supply Mode
Operating temperature -40℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity 10%~90%

3 Product Showcase

ADS-B发射机ADS-B Dual-channel ground station equipment

4 Application Cases
The product has been extended to Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Yunnan and other cities of the airport as the airport area surveillance use, as the air control radar backup and support system. The system has the characteristics of long distance, high precision, large quantity, full attribute, wide spatial coverage and high output data rate, and is suitable for ground monitoring of regional civil aviation aircraft and low-altitude open-air aircraft. Among them at Xiaoshan Airport plan to scene guide car and ferry car plus carADS-B transmitterEquipment, the realization of close proximity, runway take-off and landing and scene aircraft and vehicles seamless monitoring.

ADS-B发射机Diagram of the layout of the ADS-B Earth station at an airport


Airport ground aircraft, vehicle guide tracking