ADS-B/A/C Signal Analog Generator

ADS-B/A/C Signal Analog Generator

Product Details

1 Device Overview
      ADS-B SimulatorThe generator consists of transmitter and host computer software, the reference DO-260B and D0-181E protocol standard simulation to produce four-channel ADS-B signal and A/C signal. Through the upper computer software configuration of each channel unit time to simulate the aircraft batch, transmission power, emission frequency, message information and other signal parameters, as well as the configuration of a specific batch of ADS-B between the channels, and finally through four RF channels synthesis, the formation of a specific degree of interweaving of the 5th channel Signal, Other channels can also be output separately.

2 Device Features

The signal analog generator has the following functions:
1) analog generation of four-channel signal, and signal power, signal frequency, emission rate adjustable;
2) Each channel has a launchADS-B/AIS Beidou Short Message, Mode A/C message ability, and the transmission signal type can be adjusted;
3) can produce up to four-fold interwoven signal, and the degree of overlap can be adjusted;
4) The analog generated signal can be displayed on the map in real time.

ADS-B模拟器3 Main Technical indicators
The technical specifications of the analog signal generator are shown in table 1.

Table 1 Technical index of signal simulation generator

Serial numberDetecting contentTechnical Requirements
1Emission frequency1090±2MHz (customizable)
2Frequency Minimum Step value20KHz
3Dynamic range of emission signals(50±2) dB
4Transmit Maximum signal power(20±2) dBm
5Minimum attenuation step value0.5dB
6Maximum attenuation value50dB
7Single channel maximum emission rate2000 Bars/sec
8Maximum interleaving Quantity3/4 Heavy
9Interlaced locationsADS-B0-112us Adjustable
A/C0-20.3μs Adjustable
10Pulse width0.4us-0.6us (customizable)
11Pulse rising along, descending alongMeet DO-260B and D0181E standards
12GPS/BD location SourceSupport for internal and external positioning signals
13Parameter configurationPC-Side software configuration

4. Software operationADS-B模拟器Control software Settings