3H-A-GTR Type airborne ADS-B transmitter

3H-A-GTR Type airborne ADS-B transmitter

Product Details

First, the product overview

3H-A-GTR GTR Type AirborneADS-B transmitterWith ADS-B out function, it will GPS/BD, air pressure and other sensing acquisition location, speed of high information and pre-configured attribute information broadcast through the DO-260 protocol, for ground stations and other aircraft to provide the native location. The equipment assists the aircraft to achieve safe and free movement by realizing the "vision" of "aircraft and aircraft" and "aircraft and ground stations". The product is small in size, light in weight, easy to supply and install to meet the needs of navigable aircraft, drones, floating platforms and aerial models for safe and free flight.

Second, the composition of the product

ADS -B发射机

1. Power supply 2. Transmitter Configuration Interface (USB) 3. Transmitter Antenna Interface (SMA)
4. Barometer 5.GPS Antenna Interface (SMA) 6. Light
7. Miniature GPS/BD antenna (user optional) 8. Aerial GPS antenna (user optional)
9.ADS cylindrical antenna (user optional) 10.ADS-B blade antenna (user optional)

Third, the performance index

Transmit power: 10W~200W (Antenna port, power customizable)
Launch frequency: 1090MHz (customizable)
Power consumption: 4W@28V typical
Position accuracy: 3 m
Operating voltage: 10-30V DC
External interface: Transmitter antenna SMA
GPS (Beidou) Antenna: SMA
Pneumatic meter interface: casing
User parameter Configuration interface: Micro USB
Power supply and reserved IO interface: Micro rectangular connector
Applicable specification: RTCA DO-260B
A/C/S answer function: Optional by user
ADS-B in function: Optional by user

Iv. Physical characteristics

Length 130mm (without interface) 142mm (including interface)
Width 60mm
Height 30mm
Weight Not less than 300g

V. Installation dimension diagram

ADS -B发射机

Vi. parameter configuration and condition monitoring

ADS -B发射机

VII. Application Cases

ADS -B发射机

The case of ADS-B transceiver in Customs UAV loading machine

ADS -B发射机