Radar Photoelectric Integrated Monitoring system

Radar Photoelectric Integrated Monitoring system

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First, the system introduction
Radar photoelectric Integrated Monitoring system to radar, high-definition intelligent photoelectric as the core equipment, AIS, GPS/Beidou and other as auxiliary equipment, active and passive detection combined to the lake area surface, low altitude, ground targets at the same time joint detection perception. The components of the system can not only work independently, but also network joint work, make full use of radar detection distance, wide range, the target type is full, not affected by day and night, fog weather and other advantages, and combined with remote photoelectric equipment to achieveRadar Camera linkageTo carry out all-weather imaging screening of key targets, but also to further combine AIS, GPS/Beidou, joint completion of the target detection, positioning, identification and tracking.

雷达摄像机联动​Composition of intelligent radar photoelectric Integrated Monitoring system

雷达摄像机联动​Track stability tracking capability for small targets such as fishing vessels

雷达摄像机联动​System Features

雷达摄像机联动​Multi-type alarm tracking